Marta Paśnik

She is a translator and English teacher. Responsible for the worship service of the Send Me Ministry.

Dorota Barczuk

She is the administrative and logistic pillar of the SEND ME Ministry.

Kazimierz Barczuk

He is a pastor and a well-known speaker on biblical topics and Jewish history and culture from a messianic point of view. He is the director of the SEND ME Ministry.

Marek Paśnik

He is a pastor and speaker on biblical topics as well as Jewish history and culture. Archaeologist by profession.


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How do you know me? Nathanael asked Jesus.

How do you know so much about me? How is it that you know my thoughts and my desires?

30 years ago everything started with a desire to discover the true calling.

Everything that is the ministry ...

Jesus very often asked: What would you like me to do for you?

Who are you looking for?

What do you want?

He didn't ask these questions because he did not know the answer.

Jesus wanted people to know for themselves what they really want!

When we ask God the same questions, we may be surprised by His answer.

For Kazimierz Barczuk, a young pastor at the time, His answer was like an earthquake.

He has just learned of his Jewish origins, and while reading the words of the Letter to the Romans - came the answer: „Brothers! My heart's desire and my prayers to God are aimed at the salvation of Israel” (10, 1).

And so the oldest calling in the world - which is to preach the Gospel to Jews first- has started again in "the country on the Vistula River”.

Contrary to the overall surprise, and in an atmosphere of considerable uncertainty, often even hostility.

As a result 17 years ago, the Send Me Ministry has been created..

The Send Me Ministry, takes its name from the Book of Isaiah:

Here I am, send me ... (Is 6: 8).


This desire of Isaiah inspired Kazimierz and Dorota Barczuk.

About us 

God blesses those who desire

It started with a desire

To the one who wants ... 


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